Be Well, Everyday.

Did you miss our webinar on the 3 Secrets to Successful Cleansing?

Debra, Demi and Sarah

Debra, Demi and Sarah

Who are these three women and why are they smiling?

We met in a yoga studio years ago, and now offer the fruits of our friendship to you. In 2010 Everyday Wellness was born from the lifestyle the three of us developed from studying Yoga and Ayurveda.

We love living in a state of balance, everyday. If Yoga and Ayurveda seem like a stretch to you, you have come to the right place! Debra and Demi are experienced educators, and Sarah is a seasoned R.N. We are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, gardeners, and cooks living balanced lives in this complex modern world. We promise to teach in a way that is accessible to you, and gets real results.

We are super excited to be rolling out our 4th Annual Spring Cleanse!  We’ve added lots of goodies for you, and we are calling it the Elevate Your Energy Spring Cleanse! Join us as we cleanse our bodies, clear our minds and uplift our spirits to greet Spring and Summer.  We are deepening our teaching of Self Care as Health Care: you won’t want to miss this!

Cleanse dates are April 16- May 7: as always, you can flex the dates to make your life work.

We would be honored to have you in our community!